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Hello! I'm an independent game creator, funded partly by nice people on the internet. Have a look at what I'm doing here and support me if you'd like to see me to keep doing it.

Before 2015 I worked at game studios like Irrational, 2K Marin, and Double Fine. I learned a lot and had a hand in some highly regarded games, but since 2007 my ultimate goal has been to make a living as a solo developer: making things only I can make, my own limits the only compromises. I've built up many skills over a 15 year career, and now I'm applying them to something very different.

I have multiple projects in the works. Some of them are small, free games; a couple are larger commercial games. Mixing it up helps me stay excited and creative, and smaller projects help me build up to bigger things. Playscii is the tool I built for some of these games, and it's open source so you can use it too! I also build things using the Doom engine, like my upcoming mod Autobiographical Architecture. Sometimes I do non-game projects like twitter bots. I do pretty regular development update videos on whatever I'm working on at the moment. I also like to stream games with a development (creative and technical) focus, and I maintain a resource for something called Game Tourism.

I have other projects on my roadmap stretching years into the future, but before I can dive into them I need to achieve financial sustainability via some combination of patronage and, once I've shipped more games, sales on markets like and Steam. If you'd like to help all these things I'm making see the light of day, please consider supporting me on Patreon or making a one-time donation. Thank you!

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current projects

Autobiographical Architecture
Autobiographical Architecture thumbnail
a free mod for Doom 2
Playscii thumbnail
ASCII art/animation/game creation tool


Game Tourism
Game Tourism image
tool-assisted meandering

Twitter bots
Twitter image
foolishness automata

Doom stuff
Doom image
labyrinth enhancers

past projects

Endless Ladder Climbing 2
Endless Ladder Climbing 2 thumbnail
made with Playscii

puddlejumper thumbnail
7-day design test for
Popular thumbnail
high school social simulation

Arcadia Demade
Arcadia Demade thumbnail
Bioshock -> Doom 2

Purity thumbnail
abstract + first-person +
expressive movement
u4mapvu thumbnail
basic map viewer for Ultima IV

studio work

The Cave
The Cave logo
Lead Designer

Bioshock 2
Bioshock 2 environment thumbnail
Lead Level Designer

Bioshock environment thumbnail


Gaming Made Me: Deus Ex
Deus Ex cover
guest spot for Rock Paper Shotgun

Lessons from Doom
Doom article illustration
featured in April 2010 issue of
Game Developer Magazine
Bioshock hands
featured opinion piece for